Joint sealants are used to seal joints and openings (gaps) between two or more substrates, and are a critical component for building design and construction. The main purpose of sealants is to prevent air, water, and other environmental elements from entering or exiting a structure while permitting limited movement of the substrates. Specialty sealants are used in special applications, such as for fire stops, electrical or thermal insulation, and aircraft applications.

Prominent & Leading Manufacturer and Exporter from Ahmedabad, we offer Joint Fillers And Sealants such as Polysulphide Sealant, Polymer Based Sealant, Epoxy Sealant and Bitumastic Sealant.

Product Description Application PACKING
Silicone Sealant A liquid sealing component , to be filled with a gun into the joints . ***** 1
Polymer based A liquid bonding Agent & Sealant for plaster, mortar concrete & Contraction/ Expansion joints Excellent results obtained while flushing the expansion contraction joints by mixing with aggregates in 1:3 ratio 50,100,200Kgs. & aggregate in 25Kgs bags.
Epoxy sealant A liquid sealing agent with properties of quick setting. 1Kgs of resin to 500 gms of hardener 10, 20, 40 Kgs packed in carboys.
Bitumastic Sealant Based on mastic, gives good elasticity and used for the roads. Hot pouring method. 50,100 Kgs.
Polysulphide Sealant Low modulus pitch poly-sulphide joint Sealant. For sealing horizontal movement joints in concrete paving associated with airfields, motorways, bridge decks, car parks, warehouse and industrial flooring. Particularly suitable for are as subject to fuel and chemical spillage. 10 Kgs, 20 Kgs, 50 Kgs

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